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Looking for a unique gift idea? The hunt stops now. Welcome to the Hall of Names at Lineage – The Genealogy Store.
Europe’s leading seller of Heraldry and family tree gifts.
Truly personalised gifts sure to last a lifetime.

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Your Family's Coat of Arms

Affordable engraved family coat of arms gifts brought to you under one roof – providing unique gifts for you and your loved ones.
From glass engraving to jewellery, our bespoke engravings pay respect and commendation to the artisans of time gone by with a modern twist of design and culture.

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What is my Coat of Arms?


Have you ever wondered, ‘What is my Coat of Arms?’ or ‘How can I find my Coat of Arms?’
Look no further, you can search our coat of arms database for your family crest. Should it not be found, you can use our free coat of arms generator to create your very own and have it engraved onto any product in store.

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Perfect Family Crest Gifts

Our range of unique and affordable luxury products spans far and wide, bringing you what can’t be found on the high street.
Perfect and bespoke gifts for Grandpa, Groomsmen gifts, or just the right birthday gift for that special someone.
We have something to suit your every need; Engraved whisky glasses, personalised coasters, family crest rings, engraved lockets, personalised wedding gifts and so much more.

Crystal & Glassware

Browse our selection of personalised engraved whiskey decanter sets, shot glasses, personalised whiskey glasses and much more!

New in our collection

We have expanded our catalogue! SeeĀ our new personalised engraved family coat of arms and family crest gifts, personalised for you.
Hall of Names at Lineage

The Family Crest & Coat of Arms Store


In a time where people rarely stand still, but run from place to place – not a second to spare, little thought is ever given to our ancestors of times gone by and what importance may lay in bettering our understanding of our of own family tree.

Here at Hall of Names at Lineage – The Family Crest & Coat of Arms Store, we believe in the extensive importance of family heritage. Understanding our own past not only provides us with the tools to realise our own identity, but provides us with a deep and meaningful sense of belonging. As Europe’s leading company selling Heraldic and personalised products, we have made it our mission to bring heritage back to the forefront, introduce this important point back into conversation, and give our ancestors the recognition they deserve.

Unlike other companies, as a small family run business we have the unique opportunity to search out the very best luxury products whilst being able to offer them at affordable prices. Our family crest & coat of arms store offers a range of unique and luxury items extend far and wide, perfect personalised gifts for a loved one, or a simple family heirloom for yourself all with the option to include your very own coat of arms engraved or any personalised engraving of your choice. From whisky sets to gin glasses, engraved coasters or unique hip flasks, we believe that we host a variety of unique products that will encapsulation your legacy – saluting commiseration to those before you, whilst providing an heirloom guaranteed to be passed down through generations to come.

We aim to help you find the perfect treasure to tell your family story. As we say ‘You don’t know where you are going unless you know where you come from.’



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