Hall of Names Lineage

Engraving in todays world, pays respect and commendation to the artisans of times gone by, with a modern twist of design and culture.
We are Hall of Names at Lineage, a complete genealogy research gifting service. Family history has never been so sacred or sought after. Now proud to offer inspiring pieces in a number of high quality styles,designs and finishes.

Giving you a memorable gift to hand down to generations to come, we enjoy making your family history take it’s place within your home and your heart with stunning product engravings.

For many years the family tree was a collaboration of uncertain knowledge an abundance of names thrown together to provide some sort of concrete ‘knowing’.

Now times have progressed, with a popular surge of national programmes like ‘ Who Do You Think You Are’ and ‘Long Lost Family’, information surrounding personal heritage and where we and our bloodlines have originated from, has never been so sought after. Needless to say, Hall of Names by Lineage has come a long way and in combining with the Lineage genealogy service, producing a gift engraving service using their valuable data, means we are proud to provide you with a timeless addition to any home.

The Hall of Names at Lineage Range

Beautifully finished pieces i.e; hip flasks, frames, slateware, glassware and more. Simply select from our stunning range of items and we shall engrave it with style and elegance. Our extensive experience in family research and quality products means we only offer you the best.

Start your journey today and explore our stunning range of engraved Hall of Names at Lineage products.

Pete Molloy

Managing Director