Choosing the Right Whiskey Glasses

glencairn whiskey glassWhen it comes to the delicious aroma and taste of a fine whiskey, how it is served can make all the difference. The shape, size and style of glass can all affect your drinking experience, so it is important to get it right. To help you find the right whiskey glass set for your needs, read on for our mini-guide.

The Three Main Types Of Whiskey Glasses

While every manufacturer will craft their whiskey glasses differently, there are three many types of whiskey glasses that you can expect to find. These are:

  1. tumbler whiskey glassThe Tumbler – The tumbler is a classic and all-time favourite whisky glass which comprises of a heavy base and straight, thick-cut walls. This shape helps the whiskey to breathe while also making it easy to drink and reduce the risk of breakages.
  2. The Snifter – Another popular whiskey glass is known as the snifter. This type of glass is tulip-shaped. It has a thin stem and a narrow mouth. It is ideal for tastings and for fine whiskey and when you want to make the most of its aroma as the glass shape accentuates the nose of the whiskey.
  3. The Glencairn – This is specifically developed for whiskey and is designed to have a thick glass pedestal for durability, while having a mouth that is easy to drink out of, yet still maintaining a tulip shape to let the whiskey breathe.

snifter whiskey glassWhat To Look For When Choosing A Whiskey Glass Set

The priority when choosing whiskey glasses is how easy it is to enjoy the whiskey that is in them. It is important to look for glasses that are easy to drink out of, depending on how you drink whiskey. If you use whiskey glasses to conduct taste testings, then a gentle sip from a snifter glass would be appropriate, whereas if you want to simply enjoy a relaxing glass of whiskey, then a tumbler may be a better option.

Another consideration is its appearance. A whiskey will taste infinitely better if it is served in a beautiful glass, such as crystal whiskey classes. Crystal whiskey glasses also feel wonderful to hold, with their grooves and cuts which can enhance the drinking experience. They also make it easier to add ice and water than a snifter glass, if that’s how you prefer to drink your whiskey.

Personality is another crucial factor. If you are buying a gift for a whiskey lover, then there is nothing more thoughtful than high-quality engraved whiskey glasses which they can treasure and use for years to come.