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A family crest or a coat of arms is a long-standing tradition, that can allow you to connect with your family through the ages. It is a fantastic way to learn more about your roots and be proud of your heritage throughout the ages. Fortunately, with a coat of arms generator is now really easy to find your family crest.

The History Of A Coat Of Arms Maker

The first documented evidence of people using their family crests is actually on the historical Bayeux Tapestry. This indicates that coats of arms have been in use since at least the 11 th century, however in quite simplistic formats such as simple crosses and colours. By the 12 th century, lords and knights wore their coats of arms (with more intricate designs) proudly on their shields during battle.

Is A Coat Of Arms The Same As a Family Crest?

While the terms are often used interchangeably now, a family crest is actually a component of a coat of arms. A coat of arms typically includes (from the bottom to the top);
  • A family motto.
  • A compartment – This is what the shield and supporters rest on.
  • Supporters –supporters hold up the shield on either side; usually, supporters are animals.
  • The shield of the arms – with a unique family design.
  • A helmet, wreath or mantling (or sometimes all three).
  • Then finally a family crest on the very top.
  • In heraldry and traditional organisations (such as royal families), the family crest is used more frequently, as the full coat of arms is usually too detailed. In some cases, the crest is merged, such as when two powerful families join together in marriage. To this day, family crests and coats of arms are important symbols for individuals, families and organisation. Many institutions have strict guidelines explaining how you can and cannot use a coat of arms. Many organisations also trademark the coat of arms for the protection of this powerful symbol.

    What Is My Coat Of Arms?

    To find your coat of arms, all you need is your surname and a coat of arms generator. Simply type in your family name, and you can find your coat of arms, family crest and any fascinating stories of the origin. From there, you can begin to analyse what each aspect of the coat of arms means. This includes the animals, colours and shield used and the part they all play in the history of your family. With your coat of arms, you can enjoy a fascinating insight into your family’s exciting and intriguing past! Who knows what you will uncover?



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    Disclaimer. This coat of Arms is not a granted Coat of Arms and is intended for recreational purposes only.
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