Engraved Personalised Whiskey Glasses

For a truly, personal keepsake that is practical too, engraved whiskey glasses make the perfect gift. They show refinement and elegance that can be kept for many years to come and even passed through generations, but they can also be fun and full of personality. Either way, personalised whiskey glasses are a present to treasure.

personalised whiskey glassesHow To Create Personalised Whiskey Glasses

Engraving technology is incredibly advanced, meaning it is possible to create a wide variety of personalised designs. This means you can find an engraving style that suits the character of the recipient.

From a bold, but simplistic monogram, to their name in full, cursive writing or perhaps a quote or image that they’ll love. There are so many ways you can make engraved whiskey glasses truly personal.
So how do you pick a design that they will love?

If they like minimalism – Go for simple monogramming or initials, that offers a classic, timeless appeal.
If they are the life of the party – Consider a funny quote or classic phrase that they regularly use.
Are they art lovers? – Look for beautiful imagery or a flowing design that can incorporate their name.
Explore the options many options available and work out how you can put a unique stamp on a glass they’ll use time and time again.

engraved whiskey glassesHow To Store Engraved Whiskey Glasses

As well as being the ideal vessel for a good dram of whiskey, a personalised glass is a fantastic keepsake to display in a collection. This means they are on show and can be admired, even when they are not in use. A glass display cabinet is perfect for this, or perhaps you can showcase glasses alongside an elegant crystal-cut decanter.

For the best storage conditions to reduce the risk of glass deterioration, glasses are best kept in an environment with a stable temperature. Ideally, this will be out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.