4 Slate Personalised Coasters ~ Your Family Coat of Arms Engraved


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Personalised coasters (set of 4) ~ slate coasters engraved with your family coat of arms.

Slate is in. It’s fashionable. And it’s fashionable for a reason. It conveys a sense of durability, dependability and rustic charm. Is there a better material to choose on which to display your own family legacy? Yes, your own family crest beautifully crafted on solid, grey slate. Slate is as practical as it is aesthetic, as timeless as it is striking. For your own personal use at home or as a gift for a friend or relative, our set of six Slate Coasters will brighten up any household or occasion.

Smooth to touch, great to use, ideal as a gift and perfect for your home. Why not order yours now?


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